Chapter events

chapter events 2024

OSA Convention 2024 (July 4 - July 7)

OSA: 2024 Convention, Nashville – TN
4th July – 7th July, 2024
Convention: July 4- July 6
Rath Jatra: July 7
Hotel Embassy Suites,
1200 Conférence Center Boulevard
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37129

OSA 2024 – Welcome To Nashville (

Dekha Sakhyata 2024 (05/18/2024)

YouTube link: Dekha Sakhyat 2024 

OSA GA Vishwa Hindu Parisada(VHPA) New year & BAGA Baisakhi Mela (04/20/2024)
Utkala Dibasa 2024 (04/13/2024)
RDF 2024 (03/09/2024)

YouTube Link: RDF 2024 OSA GA participation Playlist ((Ollywood Dance Dhamaka & Kids Fashion show))

Kalyan Jyoti 2024-1 (03/02/2024)

Republic day 2024 celebrations by Indian consulate in Atlanta (01/26/2024)

AVAHANA 2024 (01/20/2024)

YouTube link:   AVAHANA 2024 Playlist

Chapter events 2023

Youth Engagement 2023 (12/09/2023)

Youth Engagagement(Holiday craft & Baking) 12/09/2023

OSA GA at IACA Diwali 2023 (11/11/2023)

Kumara Utsava 2023 (10/28/2023)

OSA Georgia Community Outreach: Raksha Bandhan with Police Department (10/14/2023)

OSA Georgia Community Outreach: Raksha Bandhan with Police Department

Youth engagement 2023: Diya making (10/07/2023)

RDF 2023 Regional Drama Fest hosted by OSA Georgia (08/26/2023)

YouTube link: Regional Drama Fest 2023 Playlist

OSA Georgia hosted our first event involving our neighboring chapters along with us. We had 5 wonderful dramas accompanied by some solo and group performances as well as live singing by our invited artist, Dr Nazia Alam!  There were the 5 dramas one each by Southern kids, Georgia adults, Georgia kids, Southern adults,
and Southeast adults and kids.

– ମାଡ ହାଣ୍ଡି କଥା – by Southern kids
– USA vs India lifestyle – by Southern adults 
– ଶ୍ରୀ ଗଣେଶ – by Georgia kids

IACA Festivals of  India 2023 (08/13/2023)

Kalyan Jyoti: Save the Horses (07/22/2023)
OSA Convention 2023 at Chicago (07/07/2023 to 07/09/2023)

YouTube link: OSA Convention 2023 Chicago, OSA Georgia performance Playlist

OSA Georgia OGT Performances :
1. Ananya, Anoushka, Ansh, Aryaman, Soham:
2. Anisha, Shivangi, Som:
3. Shubham and Sharlav:
4. Livna and Shreyanshi:
1. Georgia chapter Inaugural performance (18 participants from GA) at OSA Convention 2023:
3. NextGen performance at OSA Convention – Georgia participation
4. Awards (Quiz and OGT) at OSA Convention 2023:
1. Promode Patnaik Interchapter Drama Competition (14 performers from Georgia) – Georgia Drama ‘Odia Toka’:
2. Odissi Multichapter Performance by Georgia Chapter by Nitu, Liza and Ranjita:
3. Closing Performance by Georgia chapter: Sujaya, Ranj, Anoushka, Ananya, Mona, Pallavi
Here’s the playlist with all the videos of Georgia performance at OSA Convention 2023 YouTube Playlist:
Here’s the list of winners from the different competitions:
1. Quiz prize – 1st prize: Chinmaya, Sarthak, Manas, Reena, Satya, Suryamani Mausa (Liza’s father)
2. OSA Got Talent 
a) 18+ : 1st prize – Ananya, Aryaman, Ansh, Anouska, Soham
b) 13+ : 2nd prize – Soubhagya, Anisha and Shivangi
c) 6-12: 3rd prize – Shubham and Sharlav
3. Odissi Champu Chhanda
a) 18+ : 1st prize – Soham 
4. Pitha competition 
a) participation award – Sujaya
5. Mehfil participation 
a) Rani Acharya 
b) Aparna Nani and Ankita
Utkala Dibasa 2023 (04/22/2023)
National Drama Festival NDF 2023 (03/25/2023)
Kalyan Jyoti 2023: Meals By Grace in collaboration with Vibha (03/26/2023)
Dekha Sakhyat 2023 (03/12/2023)

YouTube Link: Dekha Sakhyat 2023

Kalyan Jyoti: Books for Africa (01/21/2023)
AVAHANA 2023 (01/14/2023)

YouTube Link: AVAHANA 2023

Chapter events 2022

Kalyan Jyoti: Meals by Grace (12/11/2022)

YouTube Link: Kalyan Jyoti – Meals by Grace

Kumara Utsava 2022 (10/08/2022)

It was an excellent Kumar Utsava and we showcased our Odia community really well.- ~500 people attended the event – Addressed virtually by Hon Governor of Odisha Prof Ganeshi Lal, and subsequently by Hon Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik – Inaugurated by Chief Guest Hon MOS for external affairs and parliamentary affairs Shri V Muraleedraran and Hon CGI Dr. Swati Kulkarni – There were 132 unique participants, 69 adults and 63 kids – 45 strong leadership team leading 9 streams of work. – 16 performances with 3 of those from wider Indian communities – 14 mouth watering food items not including chips and cookies

YouTube Link: Kumara Utsava 2022


Folk dance from Odisha at IFA Freedom Mela 2022 (08/20/2022)
Folk dance from Odisha at Consulate Independence Day 2022 (08/15/2022)
Folk dance from Odisha & Odisha stall at IACA Independence Day 2022 (08/13/2022)
World Culture Day (07/22/2022)

OSA Georgia chapter to present Indian culture as a part of World Cultures Performance at the Senior Services center at Forsyth County.

YouTube Link: World Culture Day 

OSA GA recognition

OSA Convention (07/01/2022 to 07/03/2022)

YouTube Link: OSA Convention 2022

A. Performances: 

  1. Opening Song: The opening song “Samparka Setu” was a massive production with 46 singers singing in unison, and it was great to see our own Monali as a part of the team on the stage.
  2. Chapter cultural: Bandhana Ra Srota – A thematic presentation with Ananya, Aryaman, Vedic, Nitu, Monali, Mamata and Ranjita performing to a beautiful song on our relationship with our village and nature, choreographed by Nitu and Ananya.
  3. Tiki Duniya – Livna performed a beautiful Odissi dance, and was probably the youngest dancer on the stage.
  4. Odissi dance festival – Ranjita and Nitu mesmerized the audience with their “Kalavati Pallavi” dance in the Odissi Festival.
  5. Konark Express: A show by OSA Youth, it was completely executed by the youth team and was one of the best cultural programs of OSA 2022. Our chapter kids Aryaman, Ananya and Anisha participated in the show and stole the hearts of the audience
  6. Mehfil – The Qawwali by our Georgia team (Asit, Chinmaya, Monali, Munu Apa, Rajesh)  in collaboration with the Southern and California chapter was a unique presentation. It’s amazing to see the idea conceived by Smrutirekha during our Utkala Dibasa celebration being performed in the convention. Monali also sang a beautiful Odia song in the Mehfil.
  7. Fashion show – Ranjita, Monali and Vedic walked the ramp in style, during the fashion show as a part of the closing ceremony.
  8. Opening Ceremony: Livna also did the honors of handing over the bouquet to the mayor of Sacramento during the opening ceremony
  9. Drama: We presented a fictional drama “Samaya Setu”. Our actors Asit, Bhabani, Chinmaya, Lalit, Priya Bhai and Rajesh traveled through time and brought back a key message for our audience. The drama team was supported by Manas, Rani, Ananya and Mamata.
  10. Chess: Vedic played in the chess tournament on-site and was (no surprises!!) undefeated through the championship.

B. Awards: 

  1. Samik Singh Youth entrepreneur award: 3rd prize : Anisha Buxi. 
  2. Chess: 1st prize Vedic Panda. Vedic was undefeated through the entire competition and was the champion by a BIG margin.
  3. Pramod Patnaik Drama Shield: OSA GA drama team. This is the first time we competed as a chapter team in the drama competition and won the award.
Utkala Dibasa 2022 (04/16/2022)
OSA Georgia Drama for NDD 2022 (03/26/2022)
Dekha Sakhyat 2022 (03/12/2022)

YouTube Link: Dekha Sakhyat 2022

AVAHANA 2022 (1/22/2022)

YouTube Link: AVAHANA 2022 Playlist

Chapter events 2021

Kalyan Jyoti(Meals by grace) (12/29/2021)
Kumara Utsava 2021(10/23/2021)
Pakhala Bhoji (7/24/2021)

YouTube Link: BYOB Pakhala Dibasa 2021

OSA Convention 2021 at Houston (07/02/21 to 07/04/2021)
OSA Georgia at National Drama Day (NDD) 2021 (05/30/2021)
Utkala Dibasa 2021 (04/10/2021)
Tribeni Dekha Sakhyata (03/20/2021)

YouTube Link: Tribeni Dekha Sakhyata

Women's day 2021

Valentine Mehfil night 2021
OSA Georgia Republic day celebrations 2021

YouTube Link: Avahana 2021


GOM success celebrations

YouTube Link: GOM success celebrations

Global Odia Mahotsav (GOM 2020) (12/30/2020)
Balijatra & Antakshari 2020
Kumara Purnami 2020

YouTube Link: Kumara Purnami 2020

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