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the Odisha Society of the Americas
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Upcoming Events

OSA Convention 2024
July 4th to 7th

OSA: 2024 Convention, Nashville – TN
4th July – 7th July, 2024
Convention: July 4- July 6
Rath Jatra: July 7
Hotel Embassy Suites,
1200 Conférence Center Boulevard
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37129

OSA 2024 – Welcome To Nashville (osaconventions.org)

About Us

The Odisha Society of the Americas (OSA) is a membership-based, non-political, non-profit, and voluntary association. The objective of the society is pursuit of excellence in the propagation and promotion of Odisha culture in the Americas. 

For more information, please visit the website: The Odisha Society of the Americas – Georgia Chapter

The Georgia Chapter is one of the twentieth chapters of OSA across USA and Canada. It comprises of OSA members residing in the state of Georgia. The Georgia chapter was approved as a chapter by the OSA Board of Governors in September 2020 and started operating as a chapter effective November 2020. The Georgia chapter takes pride in promoting Odisha culture and heritage in the Georgia area and also collaborating with other chapters to showcase it nationally. The chapter is blessed with a lot of highly energetic and creative members who leave no stone unturned to project and promote Odisha eminence.


1. Facebook Group: This is a facebook group managed by OSA National, where information regarding various OSA initiatives, events etc are shared. Here is the link. Please subscribe to this and someone managing the group at OSA national will add you.The Odisha Society Of The Americas (Discussion Group)

2. YouTube Channel: This is the youtube channel used by OSA National to host events such as youtube premiers during virtual convention, broadcast Zoom seminars etc. Please subscribe to this channel to make viewing these events easier. The Odisha Society of the Americas

3. OSANET: This is a google distribution list for OSA members nationally to communicate. Participation in this group is voluntary. If you wish to be included in this email group, please send an email to secretary@odishasociety.org and treasurer@odishasociety.org requesting to be added to osanet.

Chapter Executive Team:

President: Mr. Bhabani S Buxi, osa-ga@odishasociety.org, 253-332-3770
Secretary: Ms. Bikhipta Panda, ga.secretary@odishasociety.org, 678-773-0352
Treasurer: Mr. Lalit Barik, ga.treasurer@odishasociety.org, 678-642-4407
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