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Odisha Society of the Americas - Georgia

“ମିଶୁ ମୋର ଦେହ ଏ ଦେଶ ମାଟିରେ , ଦେଶବାସୀ ଚାଲି ଯାଆନ୍ତୁ ପିଠିରେ”

– ଉତ୍କଳମଣୀ ଗୋପବନ୍ଧୁ ଦାସ

Upcoming Events

Utkal Divas

OSA-GA would be celebrating Utkal Divas on 10th April 2021 at 6pm EST, more details as below

Outdoor Meetup

OSA-GA families are planning to have an outdoor meetup sometime in May. (TBD)


Work in Progress, please check it back for updates later.


Work in Progress , please check it back later for more updates.

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